I know we all type fast these days. I know we want to hashtag our sentences so Going to #AIFriedman with my #galfriends is #sorad becomes overloaded with pounds. When we are writing emails whether you're keen to such slicing of grammar or just too busy, we need to know. 


1- You: Your words are still you. We take them seriously. Even if we don't think we are taking them seriously, we are. It's an impression. If you write Dear XYZ and don't capitalize your sentences, or have sentences with error, an impression is set. 

Why is this bad?

It's a Missed opportunity: Think about your last proposal you were proud of or that networking event that resonated with you... the delivery of your communication, your content, was something that allowed you to impress upon your audience. E-mails last forever. Keep it simple.

Well, I just don't have time. 

I say, boo on that. I say, no way that's possible BUT if it is some tips: 

1- Canned Phrases: It's okay to have set phrases that are your own. Maybe signing all emails Sincerely seems archaic to you. So have a few things that you always say but make them personal. 

"Thanks for reaching out, I was looking forward to speaking with you this week"